Product Information

Beeswax Candles

Completely non toxic

Burns twice as long as other waxes

Gives off negative Ions which bind to pollutants in the air to neutralize them

Negative Ions energize the atmosphere, dispelling negative energies in the home

70% Beeswax, 30% organic Coconut oil, & 100% pure essential oils and nothing else!


Pure Essential oil Blends

These scent blends have a multitude of amazing properties Listed here are just a few.


Peace Love & Fireflies – A nostalgic and refreshing Patchouli + Mint blend for calming anxiety and improving sleep quality. Commonly used for headache and restlessness.

Daisies & Daydreams – A soothing blend of Clary Sage + Chamomile for relaxation. Commonly used for irritability due to PMS and for insomnia.

Sunshine & Butterflies – A cheerful Bergamot + Ylang Ylang blend for mental clarity and mood elevation. Commonly used for PMS and depression.

Sandalwood Chai – An earthy Cardamom + Sandalwood blend for focus and concentration. Commonly used for centering Hyper-nervous energy and reducing cravings.

Snow & Embers – A majestic Evergreen + Vetiver blend for air purification and reflection. Commonly used for Respiratory conditions and fighting excessive fatigue.

Flower Shoppe – An exotic blend of Basil + Geranium for hormonal balance and energy cleansing. Commonly used for fighting excessive fatigue due to and increasing alertness.