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Press play to enjoy the music while you read, relax and give yourself time to enjoy my story, you will be glad you did!

I was forced to develop this pain formula for myself. I have Severe Fibromyalgia, long time musculoskeletal issues caused by several factors including a couple of S.I. joint injuries, disc surgery, spinal stenosis, and work related repetitive use injuries affecting the nerves and muscles. I receive regular two hour orthopedic massages simply to stay on my feet. although the pain is terrible every minute of every day, it’s most unbearable at night!

Other pain formulas worked a little bit or not at all, the ones that worked the best smelled horrific and caused my eczema to flare up, making my skin look and feel awful!

These had the same effect on my husband who has psoriatic arthritis. Pain prevents sleep – lack of sleep prevents healing and increases the hunger hormone – the stress of not sleeping increases cortisol output which increases inflammation. ALL OF THIS INCREASES PAIN!!

So you see … I had no choice.

*My formula is in a base of chamomile, aloe, and Hyaluronic acid and is very healthy for the skin.

Peace Love and Fireflies Pain Formula

*Uses my Peace Love & Fireflies dream sleep formula which is INSANELY relaxing and calming anytime, but especially at night when i need it the most! The smell is light and heavenly.

*Uses just enough menthol for the immediate cooling pain relief, then Arnica and my special blend of Pure essential oils and other natural ingredients aid in the relaxation of muscle tension and deeper pain caused by inflammation and nerves.


*Soothes a restless and anxious tummy when rubbed over the area between the solar plexus and the belly button. The agitated heat in this area often makes it difficult to go back to sleep.

*Brings me so much relief every night! It works wonderfully to drastically reduce the hot nerve pain associated with the hands and feet!

*This formula is fantastic when rubbed on the back of the neck for muscle tension, or all over for fibromyalgia and joint pain!


*My formula is made with 100% Clean ingredients. I never contaminate my products by cutting corners with sub-par fillers or harmful ingredients! These ingredients contain natures anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in a dreamy relaxing base that is So hydrating and soothing to the skin.

This is what phyto-therapy is all about.

I hope you enjoy my Peace Love & Fireflies pain formula as much as I do!

This is a bedtime ritual that you’ll look forward to.


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