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The Travel or Just Stay Home Spa Kit!

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I know skin & Holistic wellness.

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge,

I offer my services to you.

Welcome travelers or stay at homers!~ Jayne Ellen Bennett

​​ The perfect opportunity on your next business trip is when the day is over and your stuck in the hotel room. It’s too early to sleep and you need to wind down.

Seize those moments when you’re on the go to practice mindfullness.

The absolute basic necessities become Healthy Luxuries for your overnight Business Trip…
or just stay home.

It’s all about Health + Success!
Excellent Skin is a Happy little Side Effect!

Convenience Sweet dreams Vibrant Mornings Your Best self!

EMAIL : jayne@wellandjoy.com
TEL : 412-999-4921

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