Organic skincare 100%Quality Assurance. Aromatherapy & Holistic remedies for Health.

For your listening pleasure enjoy Beautiful Daughter while you read what makes my products do more for you and the environment, but most importantly, you!

Organic skincare and holistic remedies that are Performance centered, nutrient dense, concentrated active formulas that are consciously crafted with only clean, non toxic ingredients to address your specific needs without compromising your health or our environment. All of my products are made fresh regularly in small quality controlled batches in accordance with Good Manufacturing Guidelines (GMP) Formulated, handcrafted, and packaged personally on site at our own facility.

The majority of “water” in my water based products is actually organic plant and floral distillates, each containing substantial active, nourishing, and hydrating elements of their own.

These botanical waters and extracts are naturally intense in color, and this is why genuinely natural products often have a slight discoloration or cloudy appearance. “Crystal clear” or “snowy white” products are lacking any substantial amount of botanical activity either from percentages used being insignificant, or from having been altered as to remove vital components of the plant as a whole which renders it supremely inferior and unable to deliver any real benefit.

All of my ingredients are sourced from the finest wholesalers and producers with excellent Long Standing reputations in the natural and organic community. My largest supplier of both essential and carrier oils began their business in 1987 in Australia and then opened up a facility in Canada in 1997. They procure a wide variety of ingredients from ethical producers based on six continents and have developed on-going personal working relationships with these global suppliers. They also do independent testing of these goods upon receipt, with their state of the art, in-house equipment. The same goes for one of my other favorite suppliers which started their business in 1975 in California selling herbs that were fresh, potent, and worked for the purpose intended. They built their own mill in 1979 to have better control over the processing of their herbs. They are now one of the largest suppliers of organic herbs in the U.S. and have always had a commitment to superior quality that stands the test of time.

I look for others with a True Integrity. In this era that we are living in, we have become inundated with ‘start-ups’ (new kids on the block) and while some do have high standards and integrity, I believe the majority are simply looking to start a ‘profitable business’, with that being their primary focus. I look for those whose primary focus mirrors my own; to provide the most amazing, high quality products that will genuinely help people to have a better quality of life and really bring Joy into their lives on a personal level.

I make my products with loving + nurturing intention for myself, my family, my friends, my long time personal clients, and for You!

Be Well & Have Joy!