Ferns & Forest ™ A pure therapeutic essential oil blend 10ml – For Calming nervous tension


A 100% pure therapeutic quality essential oil blend.

Scent: A light, clean scent like stepping into a sun filled evergreen forest on a warm spring day.


Ferns and Forest  –  blend featuring Frankincense:

Inflammation  –  Anxiety  –  Antiseptic  –  Grounding

A light clean scent which feels like you’ve just stepped into a sun filled forest on a warm spring day!

You will find this blend in the Sandalwood hydrating toner and the Matcha green tea & nettle Body mask scrub.

Directions: Home diffuser: 15 to 20 drops. Car Diffuser: 7 to 10 drops. Wool Laundry Balls: Provides a clean scent. Bath: 20 to 30 drops add to 1 cup Epsom salts (sore muscles) or 1 cup dry Milk Powder (softens skin) or a combination of both to add to a warm bath. EXCELLENT bath scent! Rollerball: Add 30 drops to an empty rollerball container, then fill with organic jojoba oil. Replace ball & cap. May add to any unscented organic body lotion or massage oil.

Customer Reviews

Omg love this product sooo much! My home smells like I am walking through a magical forest near the ocean. Its so soothing and relaxing! I’m hooked for sure.

Posted by Angelina on 11/21/2017


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