Rose Hibiscus Body Mask Scrub – For dry winter skin – 8oz



This Body mask + scrub is made with my  ‘Urban Flower Shoppe’ pure therapeutic blend featuring Eucalyptus.

Respiratory   –  Sore Muscles  –  Fever  –  Clearing

The rich Mango and Cupuacu butter blend softens the skin with nutrient dense emollient properties.

This is a Winter must have to combat the harsh dry air that affects the skin this time of year!

Ingredients:  Himilayan pink salt, organic raw sugar, apricot kernel oil, cupuacu butter, mango butter, moroccan red clay, goats milk, beeswax, kaolin, rose, hibiscus, chamomile, organic vegetable glycerine,  ‘urban flower shoppe’ organic essential oil blend, (silverion & amticide coconut – natural preservatives)



The Matcha green tea and Nettle Body mask scrub contains the same ingredients with these exceptions:

bentonite clay  –  (instead of moroccan red)

matcha green tea, green tea, nettle, spirulina  –  (instead of rose, hibiscus, chamomile)

Ferns and forest organic essential oil blend  –  (instead of Urban flower shoppe)



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