Extinct Spot Treatment ™15 ml


The 15 ml Extinct Spot Tx is a powerful plant blend with natural antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and lightening properties.

Specifically designed to dry up, and destroy the problem. while decreasing scarring and discoloration.

Annihilate :
Ingrown Hairs
Cold sores



Ingredients: A special blend of 7 100% pure therapeutic quality * essential oils. Less than 10% * Witch Hazel, Less than 1% *Grapefruit Seed Extract, Myrrh.


Never leave this around children. Never use this product all over. It is a spot tx. If using lotion. Serums, or makeup over the affected area, apply those first. Apply Extinct Spot Tx with a Q tip last. You do not want to apply spot treatment first and then spread it around mixed in with the other products. This is a very strong treatment for spots only! Very bad pimples, inflamed or deep ingrown hairs, and warts. When applying to a cold sore, never get inside the mouth or near the eyes.

Ask about the blended chemical peels for acne and rosacea, as well as body peels. Phenomenal results!

Customer Reviews


This product is amazing! I put this product on a couple of ingrown hairs before bed, and they were dried up the next morning! This just became my new secret weapon.

Posted by Billy on 12/13/2017


Extinct is fantastic!!

Extinct is the only product I’ve found to help with my grown hairs. Before I used Extinct, I had horrible ingrown hairs everywhere on my bikini line. After using Extinct, all my ingrown hairs have cleared-up, and my skin continues to stay smooth and free of ingrown hairs. The product works very quickly and is great for people with sensitive skin, such as myself. I love this product, and this is the only product I trust on my bikini line!

Posted by Ashley on 4/14/2017


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