Mission Statement

Badass products for busy #bossbabes!

​​​You are on the go all the time and what you do matters, so I am here to make your life easier and healthier exactly where you are when you need it the most!

Healthy skincare + anti aging skincare + aromatherapy + covenience + natural remedies …

You shouldn’t have to choose!

As an aromatherapist + Esthetician for over twenty years I saw a need and sought to fill it.

Every client NEEDS healthy skin & WANTS anti aging benefits.

Do you want to get rid of those lines and wrinkles? Yes please. ok here’s a serum

Do you want to firm up your elasicity and increase collagen? Yes please. ok here’s a serum.

Do you want to reduce those age spots? Yes please. ok here’s a serum.

Would you like to enhance cell turnover?

Fight free radicals?

Greatly increase hydration? … etc… etc… etc…

OK HERE’S ANOTHER SERUM! That will be $325.00

There is no valid reason for this other than marketing to get more of your money. That is why the many professional only brands that I’ve worked with and all the rest, will never give you ALL YOU WANT & NEED in one fabulous serum, their bottom line.

Not only is this expensive, it’s beyond inconvenient! You wont even use your products properly and regularly when it costs this much and is such a nuisance to apply.

I make every product with you in mind.

Did you know… the sense of smell is part of the nervous system?​​​​

Scent molecules travel through the nasal passages to affect the limbic region of the brain, where they are then directed right where they are needed! This is kind of like when food passes through the digestive system and is broken down, sorted out, and delivered to where it’s needed also. Our bodies are quite smart when given the proper healthy material.

DON’T EVEN get me started how essential oils with their tiny molecular structure, and high vibration rate can deeply penetrate the skin to reap AMAZING RESULTS!

To sum up:
Just consider how ONE DROP of pure essential oil is equal to approximately thirty cups of herbal tea in its healing properties! Maybe THAT’s WHY records of their use in most ancient worlds show them as their primary source of medicine for thousands of years!

Scientist to date, have been unable to reproduce ANY essential oil in its proper and complete form. You simply can not improve on perfection!​​​